We are Gippsland's dedicated exercise, sports medicine, and physiotherapy clinic.


Initially beginning as a small solo operated Physiotherapy clinic founded in 2011 by our Managing Director and Owner Devon Soutar, Absolute Injury Management has grown rapidly and now expanded to offer more services out of our new modern clinic on Breed Street in Traralgon. 

At Absolute Injury Management we provide you with elite level care from a team of health professionals who all have one common goal: keep you in the game. Whether it be the game of life, or your beloved sporting game, if you want to be at your best, then why not be treated like the best.

At Absolute we do things different. We tell you right from the start exactly what we believe needs to be done to get you better and we go about making a tailored rehabilitation plan to help you get there. It will not be a weak watered down plan, but a serious plan. We don’t sugar coat the hard work required, we won’t leave a stone unturned, and we need your commitment to achieve optimal results. Put simply, we will be honest.

This is the ‘Absolute’ way.

Along with providing Sports, General, and Post-Op Physiotherapy, we currently offer Remedial Massage, Fracture Management and Bracing, NormaTec Recovery Technology, and Strength and Conditioning services. We are continually looking to invest in modern technology and more advanced services so we can provide you with the most professional sports medicine and physiotherapy clinic environment in our region.

By offering you a team approach to care from within the one clinic, all aspects of your rehab and recovery can be addressed, giving you the best chance to make a quick and successful return to your chosen sport, activity, or hobby.