Become affiliated with us and receive priority access to the next available appointment. Early support and advice is vital.

We know you can’t predict when a workplace injury will occur, but when they do it’s important you have someone to turn to for early support and advice. Our Clinical Physiotherapy Support service prioritises your workplace to ensure your business is given VIP access to the next available appointment with our expert Physiotherapy team.

In the event an employee reports pain, discomfort, or injury, clients can contact our clinic to request Clinical Physiotherapy Support as soon as possible. Our administration team collect all the relevant injury information along with the details of the appropriate most appropriate workplace contact. Following the appointment, our Physiotherapist will immediately correspond in writing to ensure the cycle of communication is complete, and any recommendations can then be implemented in the workplace.

Prior to creating a Clinical Physiotherapy Support relationship our Physiotherapy team will undertake a tour of your workplace so we can understand the specifics of your work environment and the nature of the duties undertaken. Give yourself the confidence that your workers are receiving an expert opinion and proper care from the get go.


**Priority Access to the next available Physiotherapy Appointment.