The 'Quick Fix' is the biggest myth in healthcare. We have developed a unique clinical approach to ensure that you understand the mistake of just treating the pain and not the actual cause of your injury.


The 'Fix4theFuture' clinical model was developed to help our patients understand the importance of a complete rehabilitation process. On far too many occasions we see people seeking completely passive treatment targeted at simply reducing pain but never addressing the underlying causes of an injury. Becoming pain-free is only half the battle! If the actual contributing factors of the pain are not addressed then it is often only a matter of time until the injury returns and pure frustration sets in.

We use the 'Fix4theFuture' approach to clearly outline the stages of the injury rehabilitation pathway and highlight the common mistakes that people make along the way so that you can avoid falling into the trap. We also highlight your role and responsibilities when it comes to your own recovery. If you cancel an appointment, don't do your exercises, drop off from treatment, or return to playing before we have advised, then you will understand how these decisions will impact upon your success.

'Fix4theFuture' is all about choices. We will provide you with what we consider the best treatment plan to get you the fastest possible result in the shortest amount of time. Sure, there are other options and you can certainly choose one of those however you will leave knowing the consequences and the impact of the decision you make.