Don't put up with smelly, heavy, and irritating casts or braces ever again! Absolute can supply and custom fit a brace, splint, or boot to make your joint injury or simple fracture rehab so much more comfortable.


Absolute can provide you with the latest technology available when it comes to fracture management, splinting, and bracing, ensuring that your rehabilitation and healing process is as comfortable as possible. For too long heavy, bulky, irritating, and unhygienic casting and bracing have been the only options when it comes to supporting or immobilising.........BUT NOT ANY MORE!

EXOS™ Bracing System - Embrace the Reform!

The EXOS™ Bracing System is the only bracing system offering you a customised, removable, adjustable, reformable and waterproof solution for the treatment of fractures and other injuries of the upper limb requiring stabilisation.  

The benefits of EXOS™ Upper Limb Bracing:

  • Open it + Close it - allows for easier examination, better skin and brace hygiene, and improved ability to for early stage rehab.

  • Warm it + Fit it - heat moldable allowing for a custom fit with the ability to remodel throughout the rehab as factors such as swelling decrease.

  • Lightweight and Low Profile - No more heavy casting!

  • Waterproof - you can shower and swim in your brace. Kids will love rescheduling your holiday!

  • Easy to Clean - the anti-microbial material is simple to wash. No more smelly casts!

AIRSELECT™ Moon Boots - Designed for Comfort + Engineered for Healing!

The lightest full shell walking boot available! The AirSelect™ brings clinically tested innovation that improves comfort, patient compliance and outcomes. No other walking/moon boot offers more.

The benefits of AirSelect™:

  • SoftStrike Technology to reduce heel load and increase cushioning, as well as a low profile sole enabling a normal walking gait

  • Multiple aircells provide compression with each step, clinically proven to reduce swelling 3 times faster, relieving pain and improving healing

  • Ultra lightweight full shell that allows for better protection, maximal airflow, super comfortable fit and a sleek look

  • New fully integrated inflation system for simple use.