A Functional Capacity Evaluation is the perfect tool when developing suitable return to work plans for injured employees.

Widely recognised as a vital aspect of injury prevention and return to work processes, a Functional Capacity Evaluation or ‘FCE’ is an assessment that uses a series of tests to gain a better understanding of a current employee’s overall functional capacity and ability to meet the physical demands of their role. The aim of an FCE is to give both you and an injured worker a plan of attack regarding their reintroduction or integration back into the workforce, all the while ensuring they are safe, reducing the risk of re-injury.

Consisting of an assessment and a comprehensive report, ABSOLUTE’s FCE’s are ideally conducted onsite, and provide you with an understanding of the workers injury history, current medical state, rehabilitation to date, and their capacity to perform job specific tasks. These tasks may be related to the workers pre-injury duties or any other tasks that may be available as part of a return to work plan. Functional assessment generally includes tasks such as lifting, carrying, dynamic and positional tolerances such as reaching sitting squatting or climbing stairs, however more job specific elements may also be assessed.

Most important of all is you will be provided with an opinion from an expert Physiotherapist on the workers RTW plan. This includes our perspective on the workers ability to perform pre-injury duties as well as recommendations on possible alternatives, any restriction that need apply, and future rehabilitation steps. Don’t rely on a one sentence medial clearance, you may be putting your workers and your business at risk. Let ABSOLUTE help guide you and the worker back to being healthy, safe, and productive.