Early intervention is the key to injury prevention and successful rehabilitation. Don’t wait for a small issue to become a big one.

There is no doubt that early intervention is the key to successful injury prevention and rehabilitation. If a developing injury bubbles away under the surface a relatively small problem can soon become a big one. From a business perspective, this can result in expensive claims, huge hours of lost time and a significant reduction in productivity. For the employee themselves, poor diagnosis or a delay in accessing appropriate treatment only lengthens recovery time, not just limiting function but drastically effecting mental health and the overall attitude towards work injury processes.

Our Onsite Physiotherapy services allow your employees to seek prompt advice regarding injury concerns, giving them a head start on preventing and injury or speeding up recovery. The early access to expert advice also gives your business early notification of any minor sprain or sprains before they have the potential to cause significant financial burden. With regular feedback from an expert Physiotherapist who knows your work environment and the nature of the required duties, you can be confident the injured worker is receiving the most appropriate treatment possible without placing themselves at any further injury risk in the workplace.

Traditionally the work injury process is extremely reactive, with access to Physiotherapy care in the community only becoming available once a claim has been approved. But with inevitable administration, payroll and HR issues arising this can take considerable time, leaving your business and your employee in the lurch.

In our view, when it comes to healthcare, a workplace and its employees should be no different to an elite sporting club and their players. Athletes in these settings have immediate access to great healthcare, so it’s comes as no surprise that they make fast and sustained recoveries. Being proactive is the secret!