Your first line of defence in preventing workplace injury is to ensure the right people are entering your workforce.


Pre-Employment Functional Assessments are your first line of defence when it comes to preventing injury. Selecting candidates who can safely perform the inherent requirements of their role is an extremely important component in building a sustainable injury prevention strategy.

At ABSOLUTE our Pre-employment Functional Assessments are comprehensive and through a series of questionnaire’s, clinical testing, and functional tasks our experienced Physiotherapists can quickly analyse a candidate’s injury history, identify any potential issues, and provide recommendations on suitability for employment. Pre-Employment Functional Assessments also provide a great baseline which can be used as a reference point for any future screening or assessments. At Absolute we liaise directly with the client to create a tailored Pre-Employment Functional Assessments protocol that best reflects the physical requirements of each particular role, ensuring findings are specific and relevant.

At the conclusion of the Pre-Employment Functional Assessment, our Physiotherapists will complete a summary report providing details regarding key findings and suitability for employment, including and recommendations or restrictions that may apply. This report along with a copy of the assessment will then be provided promptly to your business within 24 hours.


Health Questionnaire
An important module of a pre-employment assessment, the health questionnaire allows your business to gather information of a candidates medical and injury history. Now unlike many other organisations, at ABSOLUTE we complete the questionnaire with the candidate, allowing our expert Physiotherapist’s to prompt for even more detailed information about a particular area of concern.

Baseline Health Measurements
We collect key baseline health measurements including blood pressure, height, weight, and BMI, and identify any health risks which may impact on both safe completion of the assessment and the candidate’s ability to complete the requirements of the proposed role.

Clinical Screening
Comprehensive assessment of the spine, upper and lower limbs, including joint range of motion, flexibility, joint stability, muscle length, neural restriction, grip strength, and other specific musculoskeletal testing. This aspect of the Pre-Employment Functional Assessment is designed to expose a pre-existing injury not declared during questioning and can also provide an indication of future injury risk.

Postural Tolerance Assessment
Comprehensive assessment of common Postural Tolerances that have been identified as being required for the proposed role. This module may include postures such as sustained squatting, reaching, kneeling etc.

Cardiovascular Fitness Testing
Standardised cardiovascular testing is conducted to measure overall cardiovascular fitness levels, which is an important indicator of cardiovascular incident risk. This element also can provide a great reference point for future assessments, and can highlight the impact of sedentary roles in particular.

Manual Handling and Functional Movement Assessment
Quantitative and Qualitative analysis of a candidates manual handling ability, corresponding to a jobs tasks analysis or inherent requirements of the role. This aspect of the assessment commonly includes the worker’s ability to safely perform lifting and carrying, with additional focus on suitable technique. This component also commonly includes other functional tasks such as climbing, stepping, pushing, and/or pulling.