We can assist your organisation with onsite physiotherapy, workplace health, and employee screening, reducing your injury rates and minimising insurance premiums.


We can meet with you, discuss your organisations requirements, and develop a suitable arrangement for your workplace. Below is a list of the major components that often make up a complete corporate physiotherapy service.

Onsite Physiotherapy

Having access to a physiotherapist onsite can be an extremely successful approach towards managing and minimising workplace injuries. Not only can it assist in preventing and managing loss of time injuries, it can also boost your teams enthusiasm and productivity as their general health and wellbeing is addressed.

Early intervention is the key to injury management and prevention, and having one of our physiotherapists onsite allows for more immediate assessment and diagnosis. It also provides a great reference point for health/safety officers and return to work co-ordinators.

Workplace Assessments

Our physiotherapists can observe specific workplace tasks or duties and formulate reports outlining the physical demands of a particular job. This information is paramount when attempting to successfully reintroduce injured employees to the workforce or screening potential candidates for a new position.

Employee Screening

Physiotherapists are experts in injury screening and our team can complete Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) on both your current and future employees. These screenings can identify an individuals functional limitations and current capacity to work as well as expose any pre-existing conditions or injuries.