We are the Sports Injury experts! We will promptly diagnose your injury and precisely plan your rehab so you can get back to your chosen sport as fast as possible.


Our team love their sport. We understand what it means to not be at your best or what it's like missing out on doing what you love because we personally have been there before. The key to sports injury management is identifying early what the problem actually is. Once identified we will work closely with you to map out a pathway and treatment plan to get your back to your chosen sport as fast as possible. 

Rehabilitation for your sports injury will be targeted to the specifics of your sport ensuring that when you return you will be performing at your best in both the short and long term.  

Common sporting injuries we treat include:

  • Acute Knee Injuries such as Medial Ligament and ACL injuries

  • Ankle Sprains and Instability

  • Running Injuries including Shin Splints, Runners Knee, ITB Friction Syndrome, and Achilles issues.

  • Muscle Strains including Hamstring, Calf, and Quadricep Strains

  • Contusions Injuries aka: 'Corkies'

  • Shoulder Dislocations and Instability

  • Shoulder Impact Injuries such as AC Joint Sprains

  • ……and many more