I have been told I can never run again.......


Have you been told you shouldn't be running because of your bad knees?

What if we told you that running was actually good for your knees?

What if we told you that runners have the lowest amount of knee osteoarthritis when compared to most other athletes?

“Sadly many surgeons and doctors have told patients with a bad looking knee Xrays to give up running”

People sometimes make the decision themselves. They associate the running with wear and tear of the knees and so they give it up. Most of the time this decision is completely unfounded and often does more harm than good. If you have stopped running because of 'bad knees' let me show you the science.

A 2008 study followed approximately 100 runners and non-runners across 20 years with repeat knee Xrays. Whilst they found initial increases in arthritis in the running group; by the end of the study there was minimal difference between the two groups. In fact the running group had slightly less arthritis in their knees!

A 2017 review compared all of the available scientific literature available on the topic of running and knee degeneration and found that there was no association with running and knee osteoarthritis. It further concluded that running actually had a protective effect against a knee replacement!

“So the science says running isn’t bad for knees and also suggests it could even be protective against needing knee surgery”

Why then are so many people being told the myth that running is bad for their knees?

Obviously there are cases where inappropriate footwear, poor foot mechanics, poor running technique and inappropriate load management could lead to injuries if they are not addressed. However a carefully mapped out running program complimented with appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises as directed by a Physiotherapist is the safest way to get the running shoes back on!

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AUTHOR: NITIN MADAN - Physiotherapist

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