The Effects of Spending Too Long at the DESK


Spending a lot of time tied to your desk? You are likely to be developing some imbalances in your body that are exposing you to pain and injury. Sustained postures are often the cause of many overload injuries that present to our clinic. Learn how your desk setup is affecting your body.

SITTING FOR TOO LONG = TIGHT HIP FLEXORS - In general both at work and in life we sit for too long. In the car, on the couch, at the dining table, at the desk, think about how long you spend sitting. This shortens and tightens the hip flexor muscles which can cause a forward tilt of the pelvis, a common precursor to back and lower limb pain or injury.

SLOUCHED POSTURE/ROUNDED SHOULDERS - Typically people slouch at their desk. Fatigue in the chair, squinting at the screen, and even leaning over a paper document all place the shoulders in a hunched, rounded position. This causes weakness in retractor muscles especially the lower trapezius in the mid back, and stiffness throughout the thoracic spine. The combination of stiffness and weakness in this area is the cause of most mid back pain and can predispose you to impingement injuries in the shoulder.

CHIN POKE - The neck is also placed in a sub optimal position when we are fatigued or slouched at the desk. As a result of the rounded shoulders the upper part of the spine in the neck is forced to extend to order to keep our eyes looking up at the screen. This extended position in closes down or compresses the joints of the spine causing irritation and stiffness. This is often associated with the development of nasty headaches.

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By Tamika Fasoli - Physiotherapist