If you suffer from Shin Splints then you NEED to read this....


Do you get struck down with shin splints every time you increase your exercise load? This article will explain exactly what you NEED to know.

"The expectation that 'Shin Splints' will magically disappear after having them rubbed out is nonsense. You need to address the REAL causes or they will simply return"

Pushing through the pain of shin splints can have serious consequences. Not only may the pain get to the point where you have trouble walking, you may also develop stress fractures in the BIG weightbearing bone in the leg (tibia). These can turn into HUGE layoff's from sport ruining any plans for a successful season or an upcoming fun run!

By having them expertly assessed, shin splints can accurately be diagnosed, and the contributing factors addressed, minimising the chances of serious injury and extended recovery periods, and also significantly reduces the chances of them coming back to haunt you.

"I get extremely frustrated with the old wives tales that surround this popular condition. Most of them are complete rubbish and if strengthening exercises are not included you are wasting your time!"

If you want to get on top of your splint splints for good then here are the 3 things you need to know NOW!

1. Shin splints is really a generic term for all shin pain but the traditional shin splints most of us are talking about is better described as MEDIAL TIBIAL STRESS SYNDROME. Basically the muscles that insert into the inside of the shin bone tug away at the bone's outer coating causing pain. 

2. Poor foot control is a massive contributing factor. Arch collapse and poor shock absorption in the feet makes the muscles inserting into the shin bone work too hard. By supporting the foot with an appropriate orthotic device we can let the muscles do what they are supposed to!

3. Strong butt muscles are the key! Good gluteal (butt muscle) stability and strength means the lower limb functions in better alignment. Yep, you heard it right, a strong butt helps your shins!

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Author: Devon Soutar - Physiotherapist

Author: Devon Soutar - Physiotherapist