A job task analysis is basically a job dictionary that breakdowns the physical requirements of each workplace task. The perfect tool for return to work planning.

A Job Task Analysis involves a comprehensive analysis of the specific demands of each task completed within a workplace. The analysis breaks down each complex task into small bites, to evaluate the demands on each body region and/or time spent in each postural position.

In summary the Job Task analysis is like a job dictionary that can be used to assist in identifying the inherent requirement of a task, aiding in pre-employment screening development, functional capacity evaluations, and most notably return to work planning.

Should a worker be unable to perform their full duties as a result of injury, a job task analysis is a huge help in identifying appropriate alternate duties, and can paint an accurate picture for treating medical professionals about the exact requirements of the workers role. Without a Job task analysis often health professionals are fighting completely blind as to what the worker is required to do at work, therefore providing blanket restrictions which can only halt progress and reintroduction into the workforce. The Job task analysis allows for all parties, medical professionals, return to work co-ordinators, management, and the worker to stay on the same page, allowing for a more collaborative approach instead of total conflict and confusion.